Friday, August 01, 2008

One More Strike and You're OUT!!!

Yes, I said it. One more strike and you're out! In case you had no clue, I'm talking about my mom here. Since I am at work, I really can't go into the latest atrocity; but know that I will sometime between now and Sunday night. Sadly, the woman didn't even do anything to me this time, but to her own mother. Which is why I'm giving her one more chance with me. After that, I'm DONE! As hard as that will be, I will try my damndest to swallow the guilt and stick to my guns. She has done pretty much nothing but hurt me for the past 5 years (always being one huge thing a year). I realized yesterday that I really don't have to take her crap. She can be who she is and I love her because she is my mom, but I don't have to put up with her negativity or dark aura in my life. I say "dark aura" because after every conversation I have with her or after being anywhere near her, I feel a huge weight on my shoulders and never come away from her feeling anything positive. It's all negativity from her.

In short, she got upset at her mom. Who happens to be living with my parents. She's making this poor old woman feel unwanted in the place she lives. Grandma will tell you that my mom's friend (who moved to town a year ago) is a bad influence and that mom kept most of her negativity in check until her BFF moved to town. Grandma has had enough. She's ready to pack up her things and find another place to live. I will definitely go into more detail later. I just needed to take the edge off a bit before I blow.

Thank God it's FRIDAY!!!

Until later...

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imbeingheldhostage said...

I call people like that, energy vampires. It's like they suck the passion right out of you. I am so sorry you're dealing with these things, I'm glad you can be so open about it all.