Thursday, February 23, 2006

weight update/cruise shopping update

Well, I got weighed and measured Monday. I have lost a total of 2.8 pounds, 6 inches, and .90% body fat since I started 2 months ago. Not too bad for it only being 2 weeks and I'm not dieting. All I've been doing is the Curves workout which only takes 30 minutes a day. I've been doing this 1-2 times a week. I haven't made it up to the 3 times a week like I'm supposed to. :-)

I am getting extremely excited about our cruise during spring break starting March 6. I can hardly wait. I bought 6 blouses (two to wear while on our excursions and four to wear to dinners). I still need to find a nice dress to wear to the formal dinner. I just remembered a dress I wore to my brother-in-law's wedding. It might fit. I'm gonna have to try that on. I also bought a pair of capris to wear while on the cruise. Very cute.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Did the math

With all the reports that I'm supposed to see, for the past 3 months I have been asking the guys to send me less than .05% of the total reports. Each month, I need a total of about 300 reports from the salesmen. I'm only asking for less that .05% and they're complaining that their reports are being lost. Give me a break.

Because of this number, I know the amount of receipts I end up asking for is way below the 1% I projected. I look at hundreds of receipts - probably close to 1000, and I only end up asking for 5-8 receipts. Even if I ask for 1%, that's pretty good in respect to how much paper I have to go through and how many I see all together.

I am so not going to worry about this. Another thing we need to remember is that there was a major problem with the "list" the month of November and we didn't catch the error until after I emailed a lot of people regarding their reports. Oh well.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Passports and other rants...

WooHoo! We now have our passports. We have finished the pre-boarding process. We have saved enough money for the cab rides and even money for the souvenirs.

All that is left is the packing, deciding what to take, and buying a few items to wear during the trip. I tried on my black dress to see if it fits and if I can wear it to the formal dinner. Sadly, it does not fit. Which is good in a way because I get to purchase either a new dress or a new pant suit. I haven't decided what I am going to buy yet. I guess it will depend on what ends up being the most comfortable when I try it on.

I'm hoping to go shopping tomorrow for those items. It's only 2 weeks away, so even with working out each week, I'm sure whatever I buy now will still fit in two weeks.
Classes are going pretty well this semester. I can't believe that I am almost done. I am doing an internship, so I will now have 4 classes to take in the summer instead of just 3, but I will now need to not work during the summer because of the study time and class time that is needed to cram a 16 week class into 3 or 5 weeks depending on when I take the courses. I can only take one class during the 3 week session, so I will definitely have both 3 and 5 week courses during the summer.

I only have 3 presentations this semester. One is complete. I am so excited. Out of the two that are left, one of them is a group presentation. I have three major papers to write for the same three classes, the good news about that is that there is a very good possibility that I can use one paper for two of the classes since both papers are dealing with problems in offices.
I have a meeting with my boss on Monday - so I have all weekend to look forward to it. It is in regards to the expense reports that I check each month. Not only do I check to make sure that all receipts are attached, but I also check to make sure that the expenses taken are allowable, check to make sure that everyone turns in every report they are supposed to. I guess a few people have been worrying that their reports are being lost or their receipts are becoming unattached.

Sadly, these people never think they are the ones that mess up. I can't tell you how many times I have picked up some of these reports and a few receipts have dropped out because they weren't caught in the staple. I understand that there are times that it's just a mistake. You think you have included everything but you haven't.

Sometimes, people take the reports off my desk without my knowledge and I have no idea, so I am emailing these people asking them to submit the reports or reprint them. They tell me they have, but I don't have them, so I don't know that they have and have nothing to check. Yes, there are a few times that the mistakes are mine and that I have the reports, but they have been put in the wrong place somehow and I find them later. There are mistakes made on both sides.

Another thing people aren't realizing is that the reports had not been checked for at least three months before I started working there. These people are not used to having things scrutinized so closely. Also, with the number of reports I am looking at, I'm probably not even missing 2% of the reports each month or 1% of the entire number of receipts that I have to look through. All those things need to be taken into account. The problem is, these people are not used to being questioned regarding anything. They feel that no one should dare question them about anything. Oh, well. I think I will do the math and see exactly the percentage of the reports I am asking for in regards to how many are total for the month.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Predator Game

The Predator game was GREAT!! Preds won 6-0 against the Chicago Blackhawks. Hartnell had his first hat trick - not sure if that was a certain play they ran or because he made the 6th goal or if it was because it was the 6th goal to 0. Anyway, at that point, a lot of people in the stands started throwing their caps onto the ice (hat trick). It was great. Our seats ended up being about 5 rows from the glass. Before the game, everyone from the company got together and ate and they asked questions for Predator merchandise and seats ont he glass for one period.

Hubby got the question right when they were giving away tickets on the glass for the third period. We were on the glass for the last period of the game. It was fantastic. Seeing the puck come skidding across the glass at eye level, seeing the guys getting checked against the boards right in front of us. If we can ever afford season tickets, I would enjoy the seats on the glass. It was the best part of the whole game.

K had a great time. He actually fell asleep during the second period - how he could do that, I do not know. He sat on my lap for a little the whole second period and fell asleep in my lap. He was watching the game, looking around at all the banners and the people, he had cotton candy for the first time, and he loved it. It was so much fun.

K was so excited about going and is already looking forward to his next game. He said that his Uncle Kari was going to take him. I think that means he expects Hubby and I both to take him. Can't wait.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cruise Update

Well, the only things left to do are: 1. get enough money together for souvenirs and 3 cab rides; 2. buy some blouses to wear on the boat, with my skirts for dinner, and on excursions, and get something to wear for the formal dinner; 3. finish the online check-in so we don't have to stand in such a long line to get on the ship; and 4. wait for our passports to get here - they should be here this week or early next week.

We need our passport numbers to finish the online check-in process. I'm saving half my paycheck each week for cab rides (3) and souvenirs. We really only need a souvenir from the ship and one from each port of call (2). I have $130 bucks so far, so we'll be good. I still have about 4 weeks before we go.
I need to get going with the homework thing this weekend. I have two chapters in my business law class to study for a test on Monday. I have 3 massive Operational Management problems to work out by Monday night. I also have 3 chapters in Business Report Writing to read - these are the most boring chapters ever. They put me to sleep before I can even get half-way through them. I also have a PowerPoint presentation I need to work on for my business law class due next Monday (13th).
Hubby and I are going to a Predator's hockey game tonight. Hubby's brother, his wife, and our nephew (3 years old) are going with us. We are in row A and Hubby just looked online and I think we are against the glass. That will be sooooo Cool! I hope it doesn't scare K. He doesn't like a lot of sound and if the guys are checking each other into the boards right in front of us, it could scare him a bit. I hope Hubby is right in regards to where we are sitting. We are going with our company, so the company got a discount on the tickets.
Next weekend starts NASCAR. I can hardly wait. I'm sure a lot of my posts will be about the guys on the track. Looking forward to it.