Friday, September 28, 2007

Lunch Destiny

I need to quit “struggling” with feeling left out and start “emerging” from the situation realizing that I am who I am and my co-workers are who they are. I also need to realize that just because I’m not asked to go to lunch with them doesn’t mean it is a personal attack. Most likely, it is out of convenience because they tend to go to lunch a little bit before I do and because I can’t go to lunch until the EA (Executive Assistant) comes back from her lunch so we have phone coverage. Either way, I need to let this go. I don’t know why it even bothers me so much. I guess because if I were in the group, I would at least ask whoever wasn’t already going (even if I knew they couldn’t go) to make them feel welcome. Technically, they (or in this case I) could always say “I can meet you wherever you’re going in 15-20 minutes when EA comes back to answer phones or I could pass on the invitation depending on my mood of that day. At least then, I would have the option to decline or accept but still feel as though I were accepted. Maybe that’s my problem. Maybe it’s my need to feel wanted and in control of my own ‘lunch destiny’ instead of not having a choice because I wasn’t asked or included.

Am I asking too much of people? Isn’t that just common courtesy? Do people even know what common courtesy is anymore? Maybe that’s the problem. With everyone on the World Wide Web and all the technology that is currently available, have we lost touch and understanding of every day, common courtesies? We expect that just because we’re on a phone call in a crowded room that our conversation is “private” when in reality, we are giving our privacy to anyone within earshot. Have we become a society where we never think of those around us because we have cocooned ourselves in and with technology? I guess that’s just something I will never quite understand. No wonder we/I take things personally. We don’t know our fellow men/women well enough to know if they are joking, if they are upset, if they’re just having a bad day, or if their actions are simply part of their personality. It’s amazing that with all of our technological advances, we are losing touch with our fellow humans (planet-mates).

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I can't believe I forgot

I forgot to update you on my WWAWP. Okay, let me lay the ground work. Last week, I ate a lot more junk food than I should have. I stayed within my points EVERY day, but I didn't always make healthy choices. I am still eating a grilled chicken salad EVERY day at lunch with low- or fat-free dressing.

So,some of the items I ate were:
1. a piece of carrot cake
2. a hot dog
3. a soft pretzel
4. a few pieces of funnel cake
5. 2 pieces of Chuck E. Cheese pizza
6. a chocolate covered pretzel
7. a truffle

I think that's about all the junk food I ate last week. Gotta say, it all tasted great and I didn't regret one bite. :-)

Anyway, enough suspense. I...wait for it...LOST.... 2.4 pounds. WOOHOO! I have now lost a total of 8.4 pounds. I'm so excited and can't believe how well this is going. I am not having a problem staying on this diet (healthier lifestyle). I have also decided that no matter what the scale says each week (whether I lost, gained, or stayed the same), I am NOT going to get discouraged or give up. I'm determined to lose this weight, be healthier, and make sure that I do not have the health problems my parents have had because of being overweight.

until later...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Traci has written about her life and some of the things she has written not only stuck a chord with me, but it also sounded very familiar. The following paragraphs were the ones that sounded like the same things I had gone through.

“ ‘Ohmygawd, it’s not me. It’s THEM.’ For so long I’d been trying to figure out why I was nothing like my family and why things were the way they were with them. I felt guilty for being such a terrible daughter, wife, mother, niece, grandchild, cousin, christian, insert whatever word you want here, person. [this was EXACTLY how I felt]

...I talked alot about my thoughts and ideas and what it was like growing up. Some people might find it odd to know that whatever I told him (and what I believed) was not reality. [I talked to H about all this stuff instead of going to therapy. I needed to tell someone I trusted. Actually, I really needed to know that if I told the most important person in my life that he would still love me and not judge me after knowing everything about me] It was the story I’d held on to for as long as I could remember to maintain some kind of normalcy I guess. I remember for a very long time I was certain that my family was wonderful and that they’d be there in a heartbeat if I needed them for anything and that we were all so close it was amazing. As I look back to that time while writing this I am stunned at the difference between the reality and what I believed for so long.” [Like Traci, I no longer know for a fact that my family would drop everything to be by my side if I needed them. There are a few that I have no doubt would be there for me in an instant. This is reality, but I wanted to believe they all would be there for me no matter what]

Traci’s Motto is “I survived what it took to get me here and I will survive what it takes to get me out of here” [I relate to this. I have always said that I am the person I am because of what I have been through and how I have dealt with it all. Change one situation or one reaction and I would be a different person]

Back to Traci’s story – “The worksheets they give you about the signs of depression? Every single item on them applied to me. Good grief. I left the doctor’s office with a prescription for an antidepressant and tears just rolling down my face. What an eye opener that was. [This same thing happened to me. I was completely shocked. What’s worse is the fact that as I filled out the form, I knew that I was putting down the ‘wrong’ answers. I knew that even though my answers were honest, I knew those were not the answers that I was supposed to be putting down.]

I was exhausted. The process that would open the floodgates had begun. I was 28 years old.” [I was 29 or 30 when this happened to me.]

Although I hate the fact that someone else went through some of these same issues, it's comforting to know that I'm not the only person who has gone through this. That's the whole reason for this blog - so others will also know that they are not alone. I have been on and off depression/anxiety medications for the past 8 or so years. My prescriptions were always one of, if not, the lowest doses that can be given and they have always worked extremely well for me. They keep the depression at bay and keep me thinking straight.

Until later...

Zoo and Chuck E. Cheese

Okay, so we never did take the cable box back (big shock there). We’ve had the thing for over 3 months now and it has never worked. Dickens looks great fresh from the groomers. He has even managed to stay looking exactly as we picked him up - for now anyway.

We had a great time with K yesterday. We picked him up from their house and took him to McDonald’s for breakfast. He had pancakes and sausage (okay 1 ½ pancakes and only ½ the sausage). He goofed around the whole time. From there, we went to the zoo. We walked around looking at all the animals for a total of 2 hours. There were probably 4 places along the path where you could sit on a bench and take a break. K wanted to stop at EVERY one of them. We did. Sometimes I forget that he’s only 4 ½. I was reminded of that yesterday (in a good way). We didn’t see the elephant or the giraffe. They were in a different part of the zoo and it was a long walk uphill to get to them. By that time, K was done. He wanted to play on the “big toy” at the zoo (the big playground they have there). He played there for about 30 minutes. He really surprised me. He went down a huge slide by himself. No joke, the thing was 3-4 stories high. I was really worried that he would freak out part way down, but he didn’t. He didn’t even want his “Kuncle” to go with him. He wanted to do it by himself. I met him at the bottom. It was great. He climbed and ran through everything. We asked him if he wanted to leave and go to Chuck E. Cheese, but he kept saying “not yet.” It was cute. Before leaving the zoo, he wanted to look through the store. He didn't want to take anything home, but he sure did have a good time playing with everything while we were there. I'm glad no one but the workers were in the store because he got loud and ran all over the place. :-)

After the zoo, we went to Chuck E. Cheese. I had a coupon where you buy 40 tokens for $10 and get 60 tokens FREE. That’s 100 tokens for just $10! We couldn’t pass that up. On top of that, we got 25 tokens with our meal, so we had 125 tokens to play with. Needless to say, we were there for about 2 hours. K had a great time. He only ate 1 piece of pizza because he wanted to go play and we wouldn’t let him until he ate one piece. He laughed, yelled, and had a great time. We bought him a tool set at Chuck E. Cheese. That was the only thing he wanted. We had over 400 tickets, but he didn’t want to trade them in for anything. He just wanted the tool kit. It’s hard to make a 4 year old understand that the items not in the case had to be paid for so, of course, we bought it for him. :-)

As we were taking him home, he fell asleep in the car. He was holding the tool kit upright on his lap by the handle. At one point, he fell asleep and the tool kit fell flat on his lap. Not only did he jump, but I did, too. All in all, it was one GREAT weekend with the little guy. I’m glad he’s finally letting us take him someplace without his dad.

H and I would love to take him to a toy store on his birthday and let him pick out his own toy as well as take him to breakfast and lunch that day. He’ll be 5 at his next birthday; maybe he’ll still be fine going with us by then.

Until later...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Weekend with K

This has been a great weekend with K. Saturday, we went to K's house in the morning. We stopped by McDonald's and got K a happy meal, a Minute Maid orange drink, and a vanilla cone. We picked him up and went putt-putting. He had a blast. After that, H took him on the go carts that were there. He had so much fun! H and K lapped the other two carts on the track. K was so excited about it, he gave H a thumbs up. It was cute. After that, we went back to McDonald's and got K another vanilla cone and another Minute Maid orange drink. We also went to Taco Bell and got him a soft taco with chicken and cheese. He loved it! Not too long after that, we went to the family restaurant and K ate a few pieces of fried chicken, a cup of rice, and some Thai soup.

From the restaurant, we went to the Predator Hockey game. Such a frickin' sweet game! There was no score until the second period. Preds scored first but the visiting team came back and tied the score. Less than ten minutes in the third period, the Preds scored 3 more times. WooHoo! We won! While we were at the game, K ate a whole box of popcorn, a few peanuts, some funnel cake, and part of a soft pretzel. On the way home, the poor little guy fell asleep. Where the heck does that little guy put all that food. We took the family to IHOP this morning. The little dude ate eggs, pancakes, and part of a pork chop.

We're planning on taking him to the zoo tomorrow and surprise him by taking him to Chuck E. Cheese afterwards. We can't wait. Before picking K up tomorrow, I will be taking Dickens to the groomer, deposit a check, and stop by the dentist to pay our part from our exams a few weeks ago. While I do that, H will be taking his truck to get smogged. After we drop K off, we will be taking the cable box back that hasn't worked since day 1 (good thing we don't watch TV in that room often) and possibly get H's tags renewed (they expire at the end of this month).

K2 is getting so big. She's adorable! Sadly, they shaved the little girl's head because she has "cradle cap". Her face is soooo round. She looks just like K did when he was her age. It's uncanny the resemblance between the two of them.

So, H and I both have tomorrow off and are looking forward to spending it with K. He's been a blast this weekend. It's the first time he has EVER gone anywhere with H and I without his dad being right there. WooHoo!

Until later...

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I think I’ve freaked out the people in my office. :-) We were talking the other day about stress at work. I mentioned that I used to have a LOT of stress because I worked in management and how I prefer what I am doing now because I can leave work at work at the end of the day and just enjoy my family when I’m at home. Yes, I’m making a lot less money than I was before, but money is not the most important thing in life – relationships and happiness are much more important. SUB had such a stunned look on her face. She’s single, lives with two cats, and probably makes close to three times what I do in a year. I can understand the shock. I’ve just realized that my sanity is much more important to me than a bigger paycheck. I don’t need a lot of “stuff” to live my life or to live a happy and full life.

I used to be such a bitch when I had a lot of stress on me (yep, I just admitted it). Now I just go with the flow and enjoy life. I get to spend my evenings with H and Dickens (our Bichon Frise) and the weekends with my niece and nephew without guilt and without worrying about whatever happened at work last week or anticipating and dreading whatever might happen the following week. I even talked H into staying in our 1276 sq. ft. 3-bedroom, 2-bath home because we really don’t need anything bigger than that. We’ve got a huge backyard (our lot is 125’x96’) so the dog has plenty of room to roam and run and there is still plenty of room for us to build a deck when we get the chance with plenty of room still left for whatever.

Other stuff…
For the past 4 weeks, I’ve been getting allergy shots every other week. I no longer think that is such a good idea. Each week that I do not get my shots, I have been having massive sinus headaches that turn into migraines. I guess whatever is out and about in September is something that I am highly allergic to and, sadly, I need to keep getting shots every week. :-(

I am currently the only person in the office. There is a BIG football game tonight on campus and everyone else has some sort of job function they have to perform. Me, I’m just the secretary, so I get to go home at normal time or go to the game if I choose. WooHoo! I have decided against going to the game tonight because it is the first home game and it is going to be crow.ded. Have I ever mentioned how much I don’t like crowds? I didn’t think so; but I don’t. Having the bigger paycheck in this office means you have to work quite a few nights and weekends including games. Being the secretary in this office, I work a few of those events, but I get compensation for it where it is just part of the job description for everyone else. There are also times that I get to choose the events I work instead of being told which events to work (that suits me fine). The majority of the time, I get to go home at 4:30 and leave work behind me until 8:00 the next morning. Simple living is sooo where it’s at.

After everyone left the office (around 2:45 for game day events), I took the time to finally organize our office products. I have wanted to do that for quite some time. We just got the plastic containers today, so I was finally able to get the cupboards looking the way I’ve wanted them to look for the past 9 months. Everyone is going to be shocked the next time they open the supply cupboards. I even put sticky notes on the doors that tell the majority of what’s behind that door. Yes! I’m anal about stuff like that.

In WWAWP news, I have made a conscious effort tonight to stay within my “Weight Watcher points” by deciding to make quesadillas at home instead of going out to a Mexican restaurant tonight. Mexican food is my downfall. I just love guacamole (my grandparents had two avocado trees in their backyard while I was growing up and we got bags of them free each year – I have an extremely hard time buying them in the store now. They’re outrageously priced), chimichangas, rice, and beans. No Mexican meal is complete without tortilla chips and cheese sauce. I’m still going to have the guacamole on my quesadilla (gotta have it), but the quesadilla will be made of chicken and I’ll know exactly how much cheese is in it. I’ll still get my Mexican fix, but without the guilt and knowing that I am doing something to help my health instead of hinder it.

It’s amazing how much healthier I’ve been eating because of Weight Watchers. In the first week, I realized that I had completely taken fruits and vegetables out of my diet. Those are food groups that I absolutely loved until life started moving too fast for me to keep up. This is just one more reason that simple living is the way to go.

Until later...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has announced that his new number for the next 5 years will be 88. His sponsors will be Mountain Dew Amp and the National Guard. WooHoo! In all honesty, I don't care what his number, paint schemes, teammates or sponsors are. I love watching and hearing Dale as he drives around the track. He has been my driver since DAY 1 and that is NEVER going to change no matter what decisions he makes regarding his racing career. I'm just glad that he seems extremely happy in the recent decisions he's been making. Life is hard enough without having to stress about family issues or being unhappy in whatever situation you may find yourself. WooHoo! Dale seems so much happier since he decided to drive for Hendrick starting next year. He is now part of the winningest team in NASCAR. All the man wants to do is race, win races, and win championships. I think he picked the best team around to bring those goals to fruition. I have to say, I think it's interesting that whenever there is a big announcement to be made regarding his team (and this proves it really is HIS team), Dale is the one making the announcements. From all I've seen in the past (and I've been following the CUP races since I was a kid in the 1970's) it's usually the owner making the announcements, not the driver. It's amazing the pull, clout, and respect this man has in his sport. Junior Nation is definitely alive, well, and thriving!

On another should be proud of me. Today, we (4 co-workers) took the golf cart to photographic services to pick out pictures to hang in our offices. When SUB, NGIO (New Girl In Office), and I were on the golf cart, SUB opened her mouth about my golf cart driving. This is the first time she has said anything since our event where H said she was a bitch because she kept talking about my driving at the event in fron tof strangers! I told myself that the next time she said something, I wasn't going to take it. If she can put me down in front of others, then, Damn it! I can stick up for myself around those same people. I said what I needed to say regarding the fact that I didn’t dump her out, I didn’t roll the cart, so obviously I had more control than she thought I did (I guess it's the racing blood in me coming out, but I really wasn't going too fast. I think she just wanted something to pick on me about). I also said to NGIO (with SUB sitting right next to her) that SUB brings this story up all the time. Maybe now she'll keep her mouth closed about this and LET IT GO! I’m proud of myself. I don't normally stand up for myself, but when I'm pushed to a certain point, I can't keep it in any longer. Our last event was the last straw. In case SUB decided to talk to my boss about the whole incident, I let MB know what happened since BB is now on maternity leave. I'd hate for her to hear about it from someone else. She was actually proud of me. I guess everyone seems to think I need to stand up for myself more. Go figure! :-) By the way, MIO actually drove the golf cart today and he bumped over curbs, bottomed out the cart, and bumped along the grass much more recklessly than I EVER did. Did SUB say anything about his driving? Nope! It seems she only says things about me. Obviously, it was high time I said something.

I even mentioned to MB that SUB seems to be under the impression that whatever I talk to EA (Executive Assistant) about SUB thinks it is her responsibility to come over and give me her $.02. MB said, “It could be worse. At least you don’t work in the same building as her.” I really like MB. :-) I told her what was said about my bulletin board and that I told SUB I wasn’t stupid. MB said the same thing I did (to myself)...what business is it of hers. HA! It feels good having someone in my corner for a change.

On another note, I have to say that I am really looking forward to getting those pictures hung on my office walls. I picked three. One of the BAS(Business AeroSpace Building) in Fall from across the wide grass area (full of leaves which are orange, red, and yellow). The second picture is of the BAS inner courtyard at night from the north side looking to the south. I absolutely LOVE this picture. [We went to the football suites at the stadium today and the President's suite has this same picture hanging in it.] Damn! I'm good. The third is of a walkway in the fog with trees and lamp posts lining both sides of the walkway. By taking this walkway,you would come to the BAS on your right. Of course, I didn't realize that all three photos were from the same part of campus. I noticed all this after looking over the proofs at my desk when we got back to the office when I was trying to decide what sizes the pictures need to be. Obviously, I had no clue how much being in a building for 3 years taking business classes affected me. :-) I have decided that the fog picture and the Fall picture will be 20x30 and will hang next to each other on the same wall, and the BAS courtyard will be 24x36 and will hang on the wall between the door and the window. I can't wait.

On yet another note... I weighed in last night. I have lost another pound. I'm pretty excited. I am not going to stress over the fact that I'm only losing one or two pounds at a time. That's a healthy rate to lose weight, a weightloss that's easy to keep off, and I'm actually more concerned about changing my bad eating habits to healthier habits than I am in losing a few pounds. Plus, Dale Jr. has come out with a candy bar "Big Mo's" that will be in stores in January. He's coming out with two flavors. They are chocolate with caramel and chocolate with peanut butter. Those are both winning combinations in my book. :-) I'm looking forward to trying them. I read online today that the ONLY other athlete to EVER have his name on a candy bar is Reggie Jackson. Go, Dale!

Until later...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Random Musings...

I have realized since last Friday that not only am I a magnet for bad drivers, but I am also a magnet for bad bicyclists. Why they gravitate toward me is well beyond my scope of imagination, but there you have it.

As I was driving home from work Friday, a bicyclist was partially in my lane getting ready to cross the street as I was driving toward him. I had the right of way, which by no means I was going to flatten him. He got back on the sidewalk real quick and crossed the street behind me. Driving home from work yesterday, I saw this cyclist and had a feeling he was going to cross without looking. Luckily I was driving 5-10 miles BELOW the posted 30mph speed limit. Sure enough, I get about 2 car lengths from him and he swerves out into the street without looking. When he was halfway in my lane, he decided he’d better look to see if any cars were coming. Of course, I was practically right on top of him. He’s damn lucky I had a feeling he was going to do that, or he could have been seriously hurt and I would have been traumatized for hitting someone. Dumb ass! I was seriously thinking about honking at him to scare him just.because.I.could. but I refrained and didn’t. He soooo would have deserved it though.

I have my WWAWP meeting tonight at 4:30. My mom went to her meeting this morning in her state and she lost…..6 pounds! WooHoo, Mom! I was so excited for her. I am doing the flex plan where you count your points. Mom did the core plan where you eat as much as you want of a huge list of foods as long as you stop eating when you’re full. She lost more in 1 week than I did in 2! That’s great for her. She has a LOT more weight to lose than I do and it seems to come off quicker the more you have to lose until you hit a certain point (right around where I am, of course). She goes to a meeting in her town with her best friend. Her friend lost .2 pounds. That’s fantastic since she and her husband were on vacation the entire week.

The new girl in our office started yesterday. She seems really sweet. SUB has been spending a lot of time with her and keeps butting her nose in my business. Whenever she tells me something, I just want to do the EXACT opposite. I know that may be petty, but I guess I’m petty. Haha! I don’t really care. I’m just tired of her thinking she has control over ANYTHING I do. If I wanted her opinion, I’d ask for it. Since I haven’t asked,! I don’t pay her much attention now that I have figured out that she’s just that way and won’t/can’t change. I don’t care. I don’t have to do anything she says. She isn’t my boss. BB went on maternity leave starting yesterday afternoon. She’s expecting TRIPLETS! She’s 31 weeks along, so she’s doing great. I can’t wait to see them.

H told K that we would take him miniature golfing (putt-putting) this past weekend. Since H worked from 7:30 Saturday morning until 3:15 Sunday afternoon, we didn’t get to go. We are both taking off next Monday in order to make it up to him. We’re planning on taking him golfing, to Chuck E. Cheese’s, and to Build a Bear. I think he’ll have a GREAT time and we’re both looking forward to it, too.

Until later....

Friday, September 14, 2007

Homosexuals can be changed?

This is such ridiculous BUNK! On one of the online news channels I look at each day, they have a poll. Today’s poll is “Do you think someone can change their sexual preference through prayer and counseling?”

The fact that this question ended up on a poll doesn’t surprise me. Hell! This is the Bible Belt after all. What surprised me were the responses of the people.

Do you think someone can change their sexual preference through prayer and counseling?
Choice Votes Percentage of 92 Votes
Yes 38 41%

No 54 59%

Of course, the reason this poll is online today is because there is supposedly a study done by ministers that shows that SOME people can be changed. What a bunch of hogwash!

Here is the link if you want to read the story for yourself. Hello! They have only followed these people for three years. Hell! For five years I was in a marriage that had never been consummated, but no one knew that. I successfully hid that fact and the fact that I was miserable the entire time. Follow these people for ten to fifteen years, then tell us your conclusions. As it stands, only one-third of the people would be considered success stories (which is why they state that SOME can be changed). Whatever!

Personally, I think it’s a gene you’re born with and can’t be changed. I’ve even read an article on one of my news sites a few months ago where a preacher stated he believed it was genetic due to the overwhelming evidence. This gentleman was all for screening DNA of unborn children so they could take out the “gay” gene so the child would be heterosexual. In essence, he’s telling people that God made a mistake but man can fix it. HA!

I can understand the gentleman saying he is “a much more content person now” because he lives in the Bible Belt. People weren’t going to leave him alone until he did/said what they wanted him to. Now that he has “changed” there’s no reason for them to give him a hard time. Anyone would be more content to be left alone. Duh!

*Sadly, my parents and brother would agree with this study. They may even think more than 1/3 could actually be changed. No wonder I don't fit in with them. Honestly, I'm kind of glad I don't. It's just a lonely place to be sometimes. I can completely relate to the gentleman wanting to be a "much more content person now" but that sentiment will NEVER make me want to be like them enough to hide what I believe and change who I am. I did that for almost 30 years and I am now happy and at peace with who I am, what I believe, and the fact that my family will never fully understand or accept me.

Anyway, I had to get that off my chest as soon as I saw it.

Until later...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey! Posts 2 Days in a Row.

I am really going to try to write a post more often than once a week. I was going to say that I was going to try to blog every day, but going from once a week to every day seems a little unlikely. I’d rather set a goal I can actually achieve.

Today is the 13th. I actually thought this morning “too bad it’s not a Friday.” Yep, I LOVE Friday the 13th. I don’t know why. I guess because I always seem to have a good day. H has said that when he was growing up, his parents used to schedule trips so they were traveling on Friday the 13th. They always had a good trip. Superstition is strange. We all have a few we live by. I always cringe when H or any of his family members walk under a ladder, but they do it all the time. They’re all in good health. They don’t have the same superstitions we have. I think part of it is the Laotian-thing while another part (I think) is the Buddhist-thing. Whatever, it works for them.

MB is going to be busy today. I’ve seen her calendar and she will be in meetings all morning and most of the afternoon. WooHoo! That means I can surf the Internet since I really have nothing to do at the moment. I finished the piles of work she gave me and asked if there was anything else I could do. Starting next week, she will be MB and BB as our director will be going on maternity leave. She’s having triplets and having a hard time getting around. She’s at 31 weeks, so she’s doing GREAT! She started working half days a few weeks ago and has been doing fantastic. I’m actually surprised that she was able to work that long without going on bed rest. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in good physical shape before getting pregnant.

That’s all I have for now. I may have more later. Until then…

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Much Needed Rant

What makes ANYTHING I do SUB’s business? Grant it, she’s been sick for a week, but that’s no excuse to butt your nose in where it doesn’t belong as though I were 5 and didn’t know better. IF I get a bulletin board for my desk, that’s none of her concern. IF I choose to attach it to the wood paneling (which I wasn’t considering – duh!), it’s none of her concern.

She came to my desk today after I talked with the Administrative Assistant because she overheard us talking about me getting a bulletin board for my desk. I currently have a post-it sticky board that no longer sticks and is driving me NUTS. Because she overheard that conversation, she had to come over and say that the reason BB didn’t purchase one for me was because they didn’t want it attached to the paneling of the desk. Do I look stupid? NO! Am I 5? NO! Am I smart enough to know that putting a hole in the paneling will ruin this piece of furniture? HELL YES!

I told her I wasn’t planning on hanging it, but propping it up just as the current board is doing. I told her I wasn’t stupid. DUH! Yes, I did! :-) I almost asked her what business it was of hers. I know what business it is…she thinks she has to control EVERYTHING! Her fingers have to be in everything that’s going on (it's not just me she does it to - she does it to everyone that is her "level" and lower). Just because you’ve done your job before, doesn’t mean you’ve done mine. I have worked in this same position in many places some of which were much bigger and busier than here. Leave me the F!@# alone!

Never Forget

Thanks to Damnit! Earth for posting this yesterday. After watchign this video, I realized that even though I will always remember the events of that day, I had forgotten the emotion associated with those fateful/horrific events. We need to not only remember the scenes, pictures, and the heroes that lost their lives (I consider each lost soul a hero); we also need to remember the emotions that we experienced as we watched those scenes unfold.

Big Thanks, Damnit! Earth.

WWAWP Update

WWAWP went pretty well last week. After writing down everything I have eaten for the past two weeks, I realize that I have completely cut out fruits and vegetables from my diet and have replaced them with fast food. Major shame on me. What’s really bad is the fact that I used to LOVE fruits and vegetables and would pick them over everything else.

I have started making healthier choices in the foods I eat and have started putting fruits and veggies back into my diet. I have done that by eating a salad each day for lunch. Yes, I get them at a fast food joint, but thanks to Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone and the Weight Watcher Dining Out book, I know how many points to subtract for each salad and dressing I choose.

I was proud of myself today. I went to get my allergy shots today. That always leaves me only 30 minutes for an actual lunch. I usually go to McDonald’s right around the corner and get a cheeseburger happy meal (so I can give K the toy, of course). Today, I had decided that I would get a cheeseburger (7 pts) and a diet coke (0 points). I looked in my Dining Out book while waiting in my car at the drive thru and decided to get a Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad (5 pts) instead and use the low-fat vinaigrette dressing (1 point). I ended up having the time to eat it which surprised me in itself. I was completely excited that I actually made a healthy choice and ate something that was not only good for me but would also stick with me a little longer into the day. I had to pass that along. I have to say, though that I was a little disappointed with the salad. I didn’t like a few of the greens they included (they tasted like dirt to me) and the bits of bacon (good size amount) got extremely soggy and gross (and I didn’t even put on a lot of dressing). Some of the lettuce pieces were huge and hard to eat. On the plus side, the grilled chicken is a FULL skinless chicken breast and it had a lot of flavor and was seasoned VERY well.

I have found that I really like Dairy Queen’s Grilled Chicken Salad (5 points) and add their fat-free Italian dressing (1 point). Our DQ doesn’t give you croutons to eat with it. Imagine my surprise the first day I bought the salad and it had a full piece of buttered Texas toast! Hello! I’m ordering a SALAD, people. That means I want healthy, duh. Instead, you tempt me with your buttery bread of deliciousness. Yep! That first day, I ate the bread and boy was it good. Now whenever I go, I order the salad without the bread. They sound shocked when I ordered it, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Since bread is one of my downfalls, I try to stay away as much as possible. That’s one thing I really like about the points system of Weight Watchers. I can eat the bread as long as I add the points. Talk about SWEET!

Anyway, at the meeting yesterday, I lost one more pound. I have lost a total of 5 pounds in two weeks. That’s a pretty good start. One lady in our group has lost 97 pounds as of yesterday and another has lost 55. The lady that lost 97 (she now weighs around my weight – she said she gets 24 points which is what I get) has been doing this since January and I don’t know how long the other lady has been involved. I like that there are people in our group that are doing really well. It gives hope to the rest of us and helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is definitely possible. I don’t have to lose 97 pounds, but if she can do that in 9 months, I can surely lose the weight I need to in the next 9 months. WooHoo! Talk about encouraging. I need to keep that in the front of my mind, but make sure that I don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t happen. I need to stay focused but realize that people lose weight at different rates.

Until later…

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Weekend News

So...I was off work last Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, the weekend, and Monday for Labor Day. WooHoo! You'd think with all that time off that I would get a log of things done that I've been needing/wanting to get done (mostly needing not really wanting to do it). I got squat done! I take that back. I finished reading the last two Harry Potter books AGAIN! I stayed up late every night. I mean LATE (like midnight). I normally go to bed around 10. In my defense, I did get up each morning around 7 which I do each day anyway.

Wednesday, I had a dentist appointment. I think I already wrote about how well that went.

Thursday, I had my allergist appointment. It went well. I think I also wrote about that. I have pretty much decided that no matter how well I do with taking my shots at longer intervals, I think I'll continue to get shots once a month to guarantee that I don't have sinus infections that lay me on my back for two weeks. I used to get major sinus infections every season. I couldn't shake them. Since getting allergy shots, I have not had one that bad these past two years. That works for me.

Five minutes before H was supposed to come home on Thursday, he called and asked me if I wanted to go to a TN Titans game. So much for eating well for dinner that night. We stopped at McDonald's and I got a Filet-O-Fish and a large fry. Let me tell you...those fries were the Oh, my gosh! On the down side, we had to walk a long way to get to the stadium (up hills, down hills). I thought I was going to DIE! To top it all off, I had to make the same walk back to the car. Lots of exercise. I guess I ate off those fries.

Friday, I had my physical. This went pretty well. My heartrate and EKG looked great. I just got my results from the blood tests, and I am doing good. The last time I had a physical, my cholesterol was 225. High is 200, so I was just a bit in the high range. I'm aware of my cholesterol. I also know that both my parents have high cholesterol. Last month, I decided that I was going to start eating oatmeal EVERY morning in an effort to lower my levels. I did good! I lowered my cholesterol by 28 points. I am now at 197. WooHoo! My doctor said everything else looks great.

Saturday, we spent time with K and K2. We spent time at the family restaurant. It was fun. H had two cousins that came up from FL that he hasn't seen since he was a little boy. One brought her little boy with her and he's close to K's age. They had a blast. K really came out of his shell (and so much quicker than usual). H also ended up with tickets to the AMA Motocross that afternoon and night. We went and had a blast. It was very interesting and fun. We also had free passes to the pits. We had a really good time. His male cousin came with us along with one of our male friends (his wife didn't want to join us - go figure). It was great.

Sunday and Monday, we spent the whole of both days with K and K2. Monday was H's brother's birthday. K2 is really growing. She'll be two months old on Thursday. She is so cute and adorable. I just couldn't get enough.

Today is back to work. I had over 60 emails I had to respond to and forward to the person that updates our database (that's touching each email twice!). I finally got that done a little after lunch.

Today was WWAWP. I thought with everything that happened this past week (Titans game, spending time at the family restaurant, H's brother's birthday, and the AMA Motocross) that I would be doomed and guaranteed to gain weight this week. I ate nothing but my morning oatmeal, fruits, veggies, and two small pieces of cheese today in anticipation of stepping on that scale. I.Lost.4.Pounds! I was sooo excited and extremely surprised. WooHoo!

Since I was off work since Wednesday, I also decided that I was going to transition to the Wellbutrin SR instead of the Wellbutrin XL. This way, I had a few days just around family to see if the SR was going to affect me differently than the XL. It hasn't, so I'm doing GREAT!

Until later...