Thursday, December 29, 2005

This Week's Update

Well, I've worked out twice at Curves this week. :-) It's great. As of this week, our Best Buy card is paid off in full. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed in regards to an end of year bonus from work. I would love to pay off two more credit cards leaving us just two to pay off.

My car will be paid off in July. I have to call them to find out the last payment - it should be lower than the $300 I pay each month. The excess that month will go toward one of the two remaining credit cards and $200 of the $300 that was going to that payment will go toward a credit card each month with the last $100 going into our savings account.

I will be graduating in August and will hopefully have a full-time job before I graduate so we can really get crackin' on paying off our debt. Once the two main credit cards are paid off, that will only leave our home and our student loans - we won't have to start paying on mine until February 2007.

So, that's my update for this week. I am planning on working out on Saturday and will then earn a free month membership for a friend. I'm planning on giving it to Kristy because she seemed interested in Curves, and I know that she wants to work on losing weight especially after having her second baby.

Monday, December 26, 2005

My Resolutions

Well, I have decided not to wait until the New Year to make my resolutions. With that being said, I joined Curves last week and worked out twice for 30 minutes. It was great! With the Curves workout, you go around the circle twice. There are 13 machines and 13 recovery stations. The machines alternate upper body then lower body with a recovery station in between each. On the recovery stations, you do cardio for your heartrate. I love it.

I am determined to lose 43 pounds by the time I graduate college in August. I know it can be done. I gained these pounds after I married Hubby and age 28, so there is no reason that I cannot get back down to that weight. When I graduate, I want to be back down to a size 9 which is what I wore when I married Hubby. I even have some of those clothes hanging in my closet. I'm going to wear one of those dresses to graduation.

My other resolution is a joint resolution with Hubby. We have decided to work on paying off as much of our debt as possible this year. Hopefully we will be receiving an end of year bonus at work at the end of this week. With that money, we will be paying off our Dell credit card and our Rooms to Go credit card. We have only $100 left to pay on our Best Buy credit card. With those 3 paid off, we only have our B of A credit card and our Citibank credit card to pay off. Half of each of my paycheck will go to one of these credit cards each week. My car will be payed off in full either June or July - I need to look at the payment book to make sure. Then that $300 a month will go toward one of the two remaining credit cards.

So, those are my resolutions for this year.


Well, my family came down for Christmas. They came down Saturday the 17th and left Thursday the 22nd. Go figure! Dad ate all the See's truffles that Hubby got me for my birthday - dork! I couldn't believe it. Instead of eating one at a time and then eat another one later, he popped three in his mouth one right after the other. How can you even enjoy the flavor that way?I couldn't believe it. So much for my birthday candy. That's my favorite kind, too, and he didn't even ask just started popping one right after the other. He did this numerous times. Oh well, what can you do about it? No wonder he's overweight when he eats so much without stopping.

I have issues withmy husband's family as well. They are Laotian and I love them all dearly. The problem is that they are so worried about losing their culture, that they speak nothing but Laotian for the most part which means I do not understand a word they say. It doesn't bother me for the most part, but there are times when I just feel left out.

I have felt left out for the majority of my life from almost every group including my family, so being left out of one more group just doesn't work for me. I never felt like I belonged with any of th egroups in school. I don't feel like I belong with my family. I even feel left out and alone at work. Sadly, I feel more comfortable and accepted by Hubby's family, but there are times that I feel alone even with them. I feel like they are going out of their way to make me the odd man out. I always seem to feel like a round peg trying to fit in a square hole - like I'm missing something that makes me a geek and not able to fit in anywhere. I hate that feeling so much.

What's worse is that I have felt this way the majority of my life. You would think that I would be used to it by now. I guess one never ceases to hope that things will get better and that they will miraculously fit where they have never fit before. Thank God for Hubby. I have always felt like I fit with himl. I don't have to be anyone but me when I am around him. He's the best. I would be so lost without him and do not know what I would do. At least with him there is one place I will always belong and fell as though I fit in. :-) One place is better than no place.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Well, yesterday was my birthday. I had a GREAT day. My husband bought me a pound of my favorite candy, and Kelly Clarkson's newest CD. He also got me 4 cards and surprised me by putting a bunch of flowers in my car. He also surprised me at work with a cake and ice cream. He also had flowers sent to me while I was at work. It was a great day.

We also went to see the Predators play the Blackhawks. The Preds had a new goalie that we just brought up from the minor leagues (whatever they call them in hockey) just the day before. He was AWESOME. He had moves and kept the pucks from going in the net. The Preds won 5-3.

My parents will be coming down for Christmas tomorrow, but will probably leave before Christmas Day. I still need to clean out our guest room. I've been using it as a closet - I hate folding clothes after I take them out of the dryer. :-)

Anyway, we'll probably be celebrating Christmas with my folks on Wednesday. I just purchased Christmas gifts for Hubby, but I'm not going to write here what they are in case he checks out my blog. I also got stockings for everyone including my dog and my parent's dog. I think they'll all have a good time. We are planning on going to my Aunt's house Sunday afternoon for dinner and Tuesday afternoon to do some baking while the men shoot pool. It's gonna be a good time.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I have some issues. I was going to write them here, but I don't know that I want to have my issues and hurt feelings on the web for all eternity. I guess right now, I'm just too close to the forest to see through the trees clearly. I'm worried that my parents will see this and that I'll hurt their feelings. Even though I get mine hurt by them on a pretty consistent basis. I guess, I'm still too insecure in myself to feel confident to share even my base feelings with myself and the world.

I know that I've started writing this blog to help other people that may be going through the same things or similar things to what I have gone through my entire life. There will be a day when I will write out all my feelings (no matter how ashamed I might be of them - because I was taught to keep my feelings to myself) because I know that how I feel and what I am going through will help others.

I don't even know if anyone has ever read my blog, but there are things that I just cannot write about at this moment in case someone is reading it.