Friday, June 29, 2007

Which Celebrities Look Most Like Me?

So...what do you think of those that were chosen? Look like me?

By the way, that pic of me was taken about 3 years ago, but I still look close to that now. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet.

The Week in Review

Ok, so I know I've been ignoring my computer lately. I'm sorry. I do have quite a bit that has happened this week. I just haven't felt like sitting down at a computer and writing about it.

Here we go...
1. I have figured out SUB. It's not that she's upset or unfriendly. It's that she's stressed out. She has been extremely busy with work issues that she hasn't shared. She mentioned some of them to me wonder she's SUB. I'd be pissed too with some of the issues she's been dealing with. We had a nice friendly chat, and I realized that's just the way she blows off steam and the way she comes across. She doesn't mean anything by it. Heck! She probably doesn't even realize she's coming across that way.

2. I think my brother-in-law and his wife have finally decided on a name for their little girl. It's about time...the child is due next month. IF they follow through with the name they have chosen, she will be listed on my blog as K2. I love the's Kaitlyn. Not a normal name for an Asian girl, but it is adorable. We have no clue yet to the middle name. If I get to give her a middle name like I did with K, she will have her grandma's name. This will give her an American first name and a Laotian middle name (just like her older brother - and I gave him the Laotian middle name as well. The funny part is that I'm not Laotian). :-) This will also give her the same initials as her brother. It could work.

3. I haven't ever mentioned anything about MIO (Man In Office). At first, we clashed because we are sooo much alike when it comes to our personalites. Now we get along great...for the most part. When I first started, he was under the impression that I was his personal secretary. That is NOT my job even though I have no problem helping others in any way I can. I just don't like it to be EXPECTED that I will do your work. Things have gotten much better since then. The only thing he does now (and thankfully, this doesn't happen as much now - ok, 2 things) is open my desk drawers as though they are community property (I would NEVER open another person's desk drawers without their permission - invasion of privacy, space, and all that; plus it's rude as hell) and when someone comes into the office to ask a question, he is under the impression that he can help them better than I can. THIS IS MY JOB! That is what I'm paid for. He's always butting in and taking over. Sure, I let him. If he's going to be nosey enough to stick his nose in and take over the conversation, I'm stepping out. If he stumbles and makes a mistake, it's his own damn fault. What's funny is that I know the area MUCH better than he does, yet he knows all and can answer questions so much better than I can. My only question is...How do I let him know I don't want him in my desk drawers? He started opening my drawer today and I said, "I know where it is; it's MY desk." He did not seem to get the hint whatsoever. Another funny thing about him is that he has no clue when it comes to computers at all. He's constantly asking me questions about Excel, Word, and Outlook. He also asks me questions about directions around town - yet he feels better equiped to handle the questions that people ask when they walk in the door. Interesting! (ok, that's off my chest - thanks) :-)

4. A funny thing happened to me when I got off work Tuesday. Honestly! Let me tell you the background...I wore my hair in a ponytail to work that day. Not a big deal. On my way home, I took the ponytail out. At the end of the day, I barely have makeup left and after my hair being in a ponytail all day...let's just say I wasn't looking my best. Let's be honest, I was no where close to looking my best or even acceptable at that point, but I was only driving home. What did I care at that point? I looked good at work and that's what mattered. Anyway, I pull into my driveway, walk to the mailbox, and while I was there these 2 boys (they might have been in highschool, might have been in college - I don't really know, but I'm 38 and they were no where near my age) were driving past my house. As they get close to me, the boy in the passenger side sticks his head and arm out the window and yells, "Hey! Girl...Lookin' cute today!" Was he drunk? Who knows. Was he blind? Possibly. I was No.Where.Near.Cute! He sure made my day though. :-)

5. DAM has been going pretty well. I've actually been a little late taking it a few nights this week, so yesterday, I started taking it in the morning. That's been working for me. I haven't had any more issues with dizziness so I'm pretty pleased. My mornings are so much more structured than my nights (even though I'm usually at home). Just doing things around the house, watching TV, or playing WoW get me preoccupied and I lose all track of time. I will no longer have that problem. WooHoo! I can take the pill with or without food, so taking it in the morning is much easier. I just wanted to make sure I could drive without passing out or causing an accident. That would not have been good.

6. Next Tuesday is H's birthday. We're planning on going to a winery close by and participating in a wine tasting. I would love to find a wine or group of wines that I could enjoy drinking. H hasn't found one he doesn't like, but most of the ones we've tried are too strong tasting for me. They have way too much of a bitter aftertaste. We have found one that I like - it's Cafe Zinfandel from Ernest and Gallo. It's a red, but I only like it cold for some reason. I'm really looking forward to this wine tasting. This weekend is going to be all about H. We're going to be on his time schedule and do whatever he wants this weekend. We both have the next 5 days off so we are looking forward to it. I think H would like to move the furniture we've been planning to move for a few months now. I think it's starting to stress him out a little. I know that one of those days we're going to go to the movies to see "Transformers" and I'm really looking forward to that as well.

The only thing left to write about are the bad drivers I've encountered this week, but they're a post all in themselves. It's like everywhere I've driven this week, I've been surrounded by idiots and people that don't know the law or don't care about the driving laws. I'll write about them later. I need a typing break right now.

Until later....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Adam "Pacman" Jones...GROW UP!!

I am sick and tired of hearing about Adam “Pacman” Jones. He’s an embarrassment to Middle Tennessee and to the Tennessee Titans!! He stated in a letter to the fans (which appeared in many of our local papers) that he was turning over a new leaf. He was going to get his life straightened out. He was going to be a good example, and he was extremely sorry for all the bad publicity he has been garnering for himself and the Titans. The letter went on.

Obviously, he didn’t mean a word of that letter because once again, he is in the paper for being at a strip club with his buddies at 4 a.m. causing fights and there was a shooting afterwards (from one car to another – supposedly Jones was not in either car). I no longer read the reports or news articles that have his name in them. I also no longer read the MANY comments made by Tennesseans regarding this man.

I understand he came from a rough neighborhood. I understand that he has made bad choices in regards to his entertainment and to the friends he lets hang around him. I understand that he was raised primarily by his grandmother without a father figure around. I also understand that he is 23 years old. I understand that he is now a man and is responsible for his own actions. I understand that others have grown up in similar situations (in other sports and even in the NFL) and have not had the run-ins with the law that Adam has nor have they had 13 altercations with police (or bad publicity) in a 2-year span of time.

When all of this started, I felt sorry for him; but I never excused away his bad behavior because of my pity. His choices are just that…HIS CHOICES which means they are HIS responsibility. He can choose to continue down this path or he can choose to change. Change will not come easily. He will need to make a clean break with all his “high school” buddies. They are doing him no good anyway. If they were truly his friends, they would try to keep him out of trouble instead of helping him to cause trouble.

BE A MAN, Adam! GROW UP! The NFL isn’t going to let you continue your football career if you can’t stay out of trouble. So far, you get into trouble on an average of EVERY 2 MONTHS (24 months divided by 12 altercations and now there’s number 13 which really takes your average down further). That’s RIDICULOUS! No one else would get away with having this much trouble; yet somehow, everyone feels sorry for you. You have this great talent and natural ability. That cannot be denied, but you are throwing it away to spend time with your friends. Pretty soon, your talent and natural football ability will no longer keep you out of trouble. The NFL will be tired of hearing about it. I can’t imagine the Titans wanting you back after your suspension when all of this is over; nor do I see another team wanting the publicity you have brought to the Titans and Tennessee in order to put you on their roster.

That’s my 2 cents for now. Until later….

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update on Everything

Things have been going pretty well. I had a massively huge bad night on Tuesday. I was just mean and angry. I heard myself, but had no way to stop it and couldn’t even tell you where it all came from. Later that night, I realized that I was still hurt by something that happened in March, and I cried my eyes out. I had no clue that was still bothering me after all this time.

Anyway, the DAM has been going pretty well. I’ve heard that taking a new DAM can make your symptoms worse before they get better. Because of this, I don’t know if Tuesday was because of the meds or if they actually helped keep me in check on Tuesday and I would have been worse without them. I am curious about that. I have been having some constipation (I know you REALLY wanted to know that) due to the meds, but other than that, everything is fine. I’m still having a problem getting to sleep without taking Melatonin, but again, I don’t know if that’s because of the meds or just normal for me now (I’ve been struggling with sleep for quite some time and it comes and goes). So I will probably never really know if my problem is the meds or not.

Work’s going great! Having a few issues with SUB, but that could just be my anxiety reading in problems where they don’t exist. She just went to lunch with another girl in the office (they go out together quite frequently). I’m never asked to go, so I wonder if SUB will start asking me to go when this other girl quits (she’s moving out of state sometime in August). Oh well, people in those positions routinely move on in two to three years and people in my position tend to hang around forever, so I’m going to try and not let her lack of response or friendliness bother me. I even sent her a cute email the other day thinking she might need a little cheering and I know she loves animals. I never got a response, a confirmation, or a word about it. Does she think I’m “stalking” her because I only sent it to her? I know she loves animals. She pays money to a zoo. I thought she was having a bad day. I even asked her earlier that day if everything was all right. She gave me a snippy retort so when I saw the picture, I sent it to her. Excuse me for thinking of your feelings!

Wow! I guess that really bothered me.

H and I play WoW. We have a great time. I made a new character last night. I named her “NunyaBizness”. I love that name! It cracked me up to make her. I was called a dork by one of the girls we play with. I can live with that.

I hope you’re all having a good day.

Until later…

Monday, June 18, 2007

DAM Days 5 and 6

So…this week went pretty well. I’m not sleeping all that great, but that could be a normal thing not a medication thing. I’ve been waking up almost every 2 hours. It SUCKS! I’m also having a hard time getting to sleep without taking Melatonin, but again, that’s pretty normal for me.

I asked H if he has noticed a difference. I didn’t want to be on medication if it isn’t going to do me (or him) any good. He said that he has noticed a difference. I guess that means I’m not as moody (read bitchy) as I normally am. I have been wanting to clean around the house. That’s an improvement. I didn’t say I’ve done anything yet, but I’m thinking about it. Haha. Actually, Sunday morning, I emptied the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, ran the dishwasher, and did 2 loads of laundry. For me to do all that Sunday morning, I’m feeling MUCH better. We also picked up the living room a bit (but we only moved all the junk into another room so that doesn’t REALLY count).

There are really a lot of things around the house that we want to do before the summer is over:

  1. Move the furniture from the main bedroom (bookcases, daybed, etc. it’s our guest room) into the small bedroom we are currently using as our main bedroom.
  2. Paint the Master Bedroom navy
  3. Bring the large dresser/mirror into the Master Bedroom
  4. Paint the small bedroom Seafoam Green
  5. Finish replacing the sinks in the Master Bathroom
  6. Fix the wall in the Master Bathroom where we took out the HUGE mirror
  7. Replace said mirror with 2 medicine cabinets
  8. Paint a top border in the small bathroom same color as the small bedroom (currently a steel blue color)
  9. Paint the kitchen the same green as the small bedroom with wall connecting living room/kitchen incorporating both the steel blue and the seafoam green
  10. Put quarterround in living room to finish the baseboards
  11. Put a deadbolt on the front door.
  12. Paint front columns the color of the new siding
  13. Paint the front door red
  14. Paint the house trim/garage door same color as new siding
  15. Replace back light with new fixture
  16. Put a ceiling fan in Master Bedroom and the Living Room
  17. Finish cleaning out garage
  18. Clean/organize laundry room
  19. Paint laundry room
  20. Clean out attic

Obviously, we have a LOT we would like to do. We really need to get working on this stuff or we will never get it done.

Until later…

Saturday, June 16, 2007

DAM day 4

Things went pretty well today. I had a hard time falling asleep last night even though I was tired as heck when I went to bed. I didn’t fall asleep until after I got up and took a melatonin. This could be due to the medication, but I’ve had these problems off and on before I started taking Wellbutrin, too, so there’s really no way to know that for sure.

I haven’t had a dizzy spell since that second night. That’s a good thing. I’ve been feeling off all week. I haven’t wanted to be around a lot of people, I’ve had trouble finding the words I want to say, I’ve felt a little wonky and jittery all week. I can’t wait until I’ve been on these meds longer and I can figure out if this is a medication thing or just a “me” thing.

Until later…

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dale Earnhardt Junior

He has been the driver I cheer for every week since his Cup debut. I loved seeing the bond between him and his father. Because of the bond that was shown, I even started rooting for his dad (something that NEVER happened before Junior entered Cup).

Rarely have I rooted for Gordon or Johnson (known by a friend of mine as Gordon, Jr). I don’t root for them, not because I don’t like them as drivers, not because I don’t think they have talent or deserve to be where they are (they are both great drivers and drive clean – for the most part, just like most of the other drivers). I don’t root for them because my parents root for them and I have a bad habit of enjoying rooting against people just to needle them about it. Call it a character flaw (whatever!). I enjoy it, and they enjoy needling me about my drivers. I have NEVER cheered for Bush (or shrub as some people call Kyle). I have, however, cheered for Casey Mears (known by my friend as Gordon’s grandson). Having Junior in the Hendricks stable isn’t going to change any of that for me.

I will ALWAYS be a Dale Earnhardt Junior fan! No matter where he goes, what manufacturer he drives, what sponsors are on his car, or who he drives for/with. He IS MY DRIVER!

I think this move is the BEST move Junior could make. Hendrick is a winner. He has winners under his roof. He has championships under his belt (most important, they’re recent ones too!). The biggest reason I think this is the best move for Junior is because he is HAPPY. He was the happiest during this announcement than I have seen him in a LONG time. This is the JUNIOR that I LOVE! He was laughing, he had the twinkle back in his eyes. He’s BACK! Even in the written transcript of that announcement, the media felt it necessary to write (laughter) whenever he or Hendrick laughed. They have a comraderie that has been missing in DEI for a VERY long time.

Great job, Junior. Congratulations on your new ride. I’ll be rooting for you EVERY week.

SUB strikes again

This is where my stress/anger could be making me take deep breaths instead of my anxiety/depression. I don’t know what it is about her, but she pushes my buttons the WRONG way somehow. I feel as though I should ask her if I’ve done anything to offend her. When she talks to me or emails me, she comes across as being angry and I don’t know how to handle this. Maybe I just don’t know how to deal with abrupt personalities. She wouldn’t be the first abrupt person that I had a trouble dealing with. She’s also a sorority girl (maybe that has something to do with it). She comes across as miss hoity toity and is really close to one of the other girls in the office. Maybe I’m just jealous. Who knows. Maybe I’m reading hostility where there isn’t any (that would be my anxiety kicking in). Maybe she’s one of those people that doesn’t realize how people perceive what she says or how she acts. Maybe I’m just too sensitive or feeling insecure today. Whatever it is, I know that it will pass.

The girl she’s close to will be leaving August 1, so maybe SUB’s attitude toward me will change once she leaves (even though I do not have a problem with this other girl in any way). Who knows. The people in SUB’s position and two other positions usually swap out every 2-3 years. I need to keep that in mind and not worry about it. Then again, I get along great with the woman that SUB and her buddy think is the hardest person to get along with. Maybe I have one of those personalities that SUB just can’t stand (easy going can be hard for some people to take, you know).

Later days, Dude!

DAM day 3

Not too shabby today. Last night went extremely well. I didn’t even have stomach problems last night. I was also off the sofa some roaming around, and I didn’t get dizzy. I guess the meds are getting into my system a little more. I’m still finding that I’m taking deep breaths, but that could be stress/anger related and not anxiety related (I’ll write about that a little later). I’ve been getting a little frisky with H, so that’s a GREAT thing. I’m liking what these meds are doing in comparison to what the others have done in the past.

Until later…

Thursday, June 14, 2007

DAM day 2

Depression/Anxiety Medication, y’all. Get your heads out of the gutters. Haha. I like that acronym (it catches your attention). This will be listed as one of my “characters” on my sidebar because there are times I feel like another person because of the chemical imbalance that causes me to have depression/anxiety. Today is one of those days – not to a huge extent, but enough to where I feel weird. I’ve got to say that I am glad I decided to take this stuff at night. The first night was GREAT, but that’s because I sat on the sofa all night and did nothing. Last night, we went to dinner with a friend. Within 45 minutes of taking this pill, I started having stomach problems (including slight cramps, but nothing major) and ended up in the restaurants bathroom twice in about 20 minutes for probably a total of 20 minutes. When we got up to leave, I was fine. We walked outside and stood around talking for about another 20 minutes at which time I started to get pretty dizzy. I can’t imagine having this type of reaction right before leaving my house for work or on my way to work while trying to drive a car.

I have felt a little “off” all day today. A little shaky, I can’t seem to find the words I want to say, and I’m finding myself taking a lot more deep breaths than I have in the past just to fight the jitters and wonky feeling. I can’t wait until I’ve been on this medication for a few weeks to see if those symptoms pass. It feels weird to have the jitters like this and to be shaky. I’ve never done that to this extent before. I’ve also never had a panic attack that wasn’t triggered by public speaking. Maybe I would have had these problems on the days I had to speak in public whether I was speaking or not. Maybe it’s just my chemical imbalance letting me know that my combination of hormones and everything else just isn’t quite right that day (which would include every day this week so far). I’ve got to say though, I think I would be much worse this week if I weren’t taking the medication even though I know it’s not in my body enough to do a lot of good, I think it’s doing enough to keep me from having a major panic attack like Monday. I’d rather feel a little wonky than feel as panicked as I did Monday. Every little bit helps at this point.

Until later…..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Disclaimer for last post

The jitteriness is probably NOT from the medication. I just realized that it is 10:30 and I have yet to eat anything. OOPS! I just ate my granola bar, so the jitters should go away in just a few minutes. I can’t believe I did that. I always eat something. I guess I was feeling a little off this morning, got right to work, and forgot all about breakfast.

Day One on Wellbutrin

I took Wellbutrin for the first time last night around 6:45 cst. So far, so good. It’s only day 1. Can’t expect any significance or change. Can’t even expect that the meds are in my body yet since I am taking the slow release formula (Wellbutrin XL). After taking the pill last night, I had a few stomach discomforts (read slight pain and gas). Glad I took this at night instead of waiting till the morning.

I am feeling a bit scattered and jittery today which is nothing new and, like I said earlier, it is just day 1. I am taking the medication at night because all my sources said it could cause drowsiness and that you shouldn’t drive after taking it until you know how you’re going to react to it. All the websites I looked at yesterday (and my search was long and intensive) said to take the pill in the morning. The pharmacist and paperwork that came with the medication said to take it at the same time every day. Until I know how this will affect me, I’m going to take it at night so I don’t have any problems getting to work in the morning.

I realize that this means I could be stressed and feeling extremely off my last hour or so of work each day (I get off at 4:30), but it’s worth it until I know how my body will handle this so that the majority of my side effects will happen at home with H who loves me no matter what. If I find that I’m handling it without much of a problem and feel comfortable driving after taking it, I will probably skip a dose one night and take it in the morning to put myself on a morning schedule. I would do this for a couple of reasons: 1) I will be more at ease at work when I’m around people that don’t know me well enough to know of my chemical imbalance and when I’m meeting new people and 2) each night is different (could be at home, at a restaurant, in the car, etc.) and it may be hard to take the pill at the same time each night while it would be easier to take in the morning because my mornings are pretty much all the same (weekends are a little different, but I wake up at generally the same time even if it’s just to go to the bathroom before going back to bed).

I’m finding that taking a few deep breaths and typing this entry is helping me feel a little more focused and helping the panic just a little (sometimes a little is enough to get you by).

Until next time…

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Panic Update

Ok, so after talking with H (he knows me so well – even better than I know myself most of the time), I’ve realized that my panic is just one of the ways in which my depression rears its ugly head. I placed a call to my doctor this morning asking if she can call in a prescription of Wellbutrin for me as I was still pretty panicky this morning and talking non-stop a mile a minute for about 20 minutes straight (kind of like I’m typing right now).

This is very strange for me. I’ve never had panic attacks or anxiety attacks that have affected me this way in the past. Normally I have heart palpitations (where I think my heart is about to race from my chest) and I have a hard time catching my breath (I feel like I’m running out of breath and can’t get my next one fast enough). Last night and this morning’s reactions are completely new to me. Hopefully, this medication will help.

She and I discussed this option for me a few weeks ago which should have been a HUGE clue that my depression was kicking back in. I’ve been off all types of antidepressants for about 6 years now after being on them for 3. That’s pretty good. At least I don’t have to be on them all the time and I still get lasting results. So…due to the sexual side effects I experienced with the last 2 antidepressants, she thought Wellbutrin would be a great choice for me this time.

I just called the pharmacy about 30 minutes ago and they have received a call from my doctor, so I will be picking that up on my way home. I’ve done a LOT of reading on the www today regarding this drug and its effects and drug interactions. I’ll be asking the pharmacist if taking Benadryl, Melatonin, and allergy shots each week will cause any adverse reactions.

Wish me luck.

Monday, June 11, 2007


For some reason today, I had a massive panic attack centered around my dog. We took him to the groomers today and I was freaking out because he was going to be in a cage all day. He's been going to this groomer for the past few years, and even though I know he doesnt' like to be caged, he seems to do well there. Today, I couldn't take it. I bothered the groomers with phone calls seeing if he was done so I could pick him up. I even left work early and stayed home the remainder of the day. I'm still fighting the panic a bit, but it is much better now that Dickens and I are home together.

I really don't understand my panic. I've never been like this. I noticed that I was having problems with my blood pressure, but I think that was part of the panic attack. It's strange. Thankfully, it's very slow at work, and they understand that Dickens is my baby; but I don't think they realized that I was having anxiety problems while I was there. I'm glad that I had plenty of annual (vacation) time to use. Even leaving early like I did, I still have over 24 hours of annual time and I still accrue one day each month. :-)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

How I Would be Described in a Dictionary

I Struggle and Emerge

I struggle and emerge --


Benevolent to a fault

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Friday, June 08, 2007

New Blog

I have started a new blog. It can be located at here. Feel free to check it out.


I am in no way giving up on this blog. I just want a blog set aside for my thoughts on that subject instead of having EVERYTHING here.


I hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll write more later.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Great Weekend!

Okay, recap on the weekend with the family…

We left our house Friday morning, dropped the dog off at H’s parent’s house. They’re dog sitting for us this weekend. We finally left there and drove the 4 hours to my parent’s house. Check in at the hotel was 3:00, and we got there around 2:00 so we stopped at my mom’s first to see everyone.

The kids were outside having a blast. They each had a crocket mallet and were using it as a gun. When mom and I went outside to see her “retreat” they acted as though they were shooting me. Being the crazy person that I am, I acted as though they killed me and leaned against my mom with all my “dead” weight. She did not appreciate it. She told me, “Don’t encourage them.” 1) We were outside 2) Would she rather they were playing this game in the house? NO! 3) Why would I not want to encourage them to play with me? I haven’t seen them in 2 ½ years! If they want to shoot me dead with toy guns, have at it. I’m dead.

I talked with M to see how her teaching is going and how life, in general, is going for them. It sounds like everything is going well for them. My brother is starting his own business where he will be teaming churches or businesses with golf courses for tournaments. He’s really excited about it. All he has left to do now is to market his plan to the companies and churches so he can start the business rolling. He’s been taking things slowly because someone has to be home with D and B while M is at work and W is at school. Next year, W and D will both be in school and M will be getting off earlier three days a week so G will be able to market his business the way he needs and wants to.

My folks seem to have a problem with G staying home with his kids and working his business on the side. Personally, I think it’s great that G is fine with being a stay at home dad for a while. I’m glad that he isn’t taking a job he hates. Obviously, they can afford to live on M’s salary, so why should he be in a job he can’t stand. That would just make him obnoxious and stressed when he’s home with his family. This way, he is doing what he loves and it gives him plenty of time with his children while they are young and impressionable and need their dad most. You go, G!

I remember growing up knowing how much Dad hated his job and hated going to work in the morning. I’m glad that G’s kids won’t grow up knowing that about their dad.

I can’t even remember now what day we did what. It seemed that we didn’t do much besides playing card games, playing with the kids, and sitting in front of the TV. One night, B got into trouble because she didn’t eat her dinner. Since she didn’t eat her dinner, she was to get no snacks that night. Sadly, that was the night that everyone wanted Sonic shakes. H got a banana split and he had no idea that she wasn’t supposed to get any dessert. He gave her a bite of his banana split. She loved it! He asked her if she wanted another bite and she said, “Yes.” He asked her if she wanted some strawberry. She said, “No.” He asked if she wanted some pineapple. She said, “No.” He asked if she wanted more chocolate and of course, the answer was yes! She was so cute. She kept telling him that it was REALLY good. My dad told H that she wasn’t supposed to get dessert that night. Shame on him! He’s the grandpa, H is the uncle. If they want to sneak in a few bites, there’s nothing really wrong with that. My grandma did that to us all the time and we turned out okay. G saw that H was giving her ice cream. I think he got a kick out of it since we hardly ever see them. Since dad said something though, H thought he shouldn’t give her any more. She stayed next to him until it was all gone telling him how good it was. She even told him when he had just a little left that it’s really good when you stir it all up then you drink it. It’s REALLY good, she told him. What a sweetheart. It broke H’s heart that he felt he couldn’t sneak her a few more bites.

One day, I was worn out so I kicked back in the recliner to take a cat nap. She was on the sofa next to the chair and I felt her tap my leg. I looked at her and she told me that I had a butterfly on my leg. I wasn’t thinking. I thought to myself that I didn’t feel anything on my leg. I look down to where she’s pointing and she saw my tattoo. It’s a butterfly. Duh! She then leans over like she’s going to tell me a secret and asks, “Is it paint on?” Isn’t that cute?! I said it was and she said oh and went to play with something else. Cracked me up. She was so cute. She’ll be 4 in December.

All three kids were great! They’re kids. You can’t expect them to act like adults and be quiet all the time. Sadly, I think that’s what my parents expected. H had a great time with them. I did, too, but I ended up with a migraine two days while we were there. I think it was because of my allergies and all the trees up there. I would have enjoyed it more without the headaches, but the headaches were NOT because of the kids. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown in the past 2 ½ years.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Will be Away

Just wanted to let you know that I will be out of town for the next few days. We are going up to my parent's house. G, M, and their three kids - W, A, and B will be there. We haven't seen them for 2 1/2 years. It will be good to see them. We will be staying in a nearby hotel because 8 people sharing 1 tub, 1 shower, and 3 toilets is about all their house can accomodate. This way, we can also get away when G and M get on our nerves. :-)

We found out at work yesterday that my boss's triplets are 2 boys and 1 girl. They are excited. They've got names for the girl and one boy, but they don't know whaat they're goign to name the second boy yet. They still have plenty of time. She said that they strive for 32 weeks for triplets and any time they get beyond that is icing on the cake. This means she is halfway there. I think she's in her 17th week.

See you all next Tuesday or so. Hope you all have a great weekend.