Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, a lot happened today. First of all, I am training someone for my position at work. She is doing a great job. Training her makes my day long because, for the most part, she is working and I am supervising. She's doing to do a GREAT job once I leave May 12.

Today was my first final - BLAW. We had a paper due today (4-6 pages long) on whichever Act we had to give a presentation about earlier in the year. Because I was being inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma and receiving the Academic Award for Office Management tonight at 6:00, I was able to take my final with the 2:20 class instead of my 4:10 class.

I was "shocked and appalled" when I walked into the classroom today. The majority of the students were giving each other the answers. This teacher has used the same tests for every class for the past few years. Somehow someone in this class and in my class got hold of the answers. Someone must have written them down in a former class as they went over them when they were returned (because no one is able to take out of the room a test or their scored scantron). There are about 10 people in my class that seem to take the tests in 10 minutes. They're 40 question tests. It should take them longer than that just to read the questions.

Anyway, this whole class was giving each other the answers (there were a few that took the test on their own without help including myself). What shocked me the most were the two guys that were two and three seats away from me. One came into class with his scantron already marked with little dots in the bubbles of the correct answers. He then let the guy next to him COPY his scantron.

The professor showed them. He actually made up a new test. :-) I was so excited. He told my class a few weeks ago that he wasn't putting the first 7 questions of each test in order on this test. Today, he stated that "you won't be able to figure this one out." The guys next to me looked at each other and their faces fell. I thought it was funny as hell. One of the guys asked the girl next to me if the answer to #1 was "A". She told him no. It took everyone about the same amount of time to take the test instead of some being done in no time at all. These kids had to actually read the questions and think about their answers. They got screwed. :-P
Tonight, I received the Academic Award for Office Management. One of the criteria was having the highest GPA for my major. My major GPA is 4.0 so I got the award. It came with a $250 scholarship to be awarded for the Spring semester. That was the money I got as a refund just a few weeks ago. I wondered why I got that. I even called the business office to make sure it was correct since I knew nothing about it at that time. I didn't know until tonight that was the actual reason for the refund. I only knew that it wasn't a mistake and that I had gotten some sort of award.
I was also inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma tonight. It is a business organization of accredited schools. Those seniors inducted have to be in the top 10% of thier class. I was pretty excited. I actually teared up during the induction ceremony. This is "the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International." The founding principles and values of the Society are honor and integrity, pursuit of wisdom, and earnestness. I took an oath today to uphold those principles. HONOR AND INTEGRITY, PURSUIT OF WISDOM, EARNESTNESS. Those are words and concepts I am going to try my best to live up to and live by for the rest of my life.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Thanks to Miki, I have found the perfect fragrance for myself. She claims it doesn't smell good on her (she actually said it smelled like dog shit on her) so she wanted to know what I thought of it. It smelled great from the very beginning. I tried it on, and it never once smelled unpleasant on me.

It is Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Here is what one website says about it, "Euphoria is about sexiness, fantasy, and being captivating. Sexy and sensual, Euphoria speaks to the woman who has the urge to break free from everyday life - to provocatively be part of an exciting world filled with pleasure, surprise, and temptation. Her fragrance is a contrast between exotic fruits and seductive florals, for a rich, creamy, seductive signature.

Notes:Pomegranate, Persimmon, Green Notes, Black Orchid, Lotus Blossom, Champacca Flower, Liquid Amber, Mahogany Wood, Black Violet, Cream Accord.

Style:Confident. Sexy. Chic."

Another site states that, "Euphoria By Calvin Klein Was Introduced In 2005 As A Fun, Enticing Scent For Women. The Beautiful Fragrance Starts Off With Pomegranate, Persimmon, And A Lovely Lush Green Accord. The Heart Then Blends Into A Sensual Lotus Blossom, Black Orchid Which Then Finishes Off With Amber, Violet, Cream And Woods."

I love this stuff. I have been searching for a signature fragrance for a couple of years now. You can only take so much smell at one time when searching for a fragrance. Plus, I hate to purchase a fragrance without wearing it for a few hours to see if each tone will smell good on me - the reason it has been taking me so long to find the perfect fragrance. Plus, I am allergic to a lot of fragrances because a lot of them have wood bases. Even though this one has a wood in it, if I put it on in any room except a small enclosed room, I am fine. I put it on this morning in my bathroom and sneezed for the first time since wearing this (which has been all week). Thanks to Miki, I didn't have to pay for it to find out if I still liked it after many hours and it smelled great through each tone. As an added bonus, it lasted on my skin for about 8 hours. AMAZING!

This is now my signature fragrance. :-) Thanks, Miki. You're the best.

Update on Everything

Well, we went to Las Vegas this past week. Hubby had a conference, and I ditched school to tag along. It was very relaxing. The flight was long because it was non-stop. Glad it was overwith, and glad we didn't have a layover somewhere.

We met Miki from Guild Wars. She picked us up at the airport and took us to her house. We got in around 9:30 and couldn't check in until 2:00. She was a blast. She was very sweet and extremely funny. She has two big dogs which scared me at first, but they were really sweet, friendly, and good natured. She put us in a cab around 4:30 and sent us to Caesar's Palace - inside joke, but it was hillarious!

We got to Caesar's Palace. Check in was until 5:00. We got there like five minutes late. They didn't have a room for us in the price range we booked, so we got upgraded to the newest tower. The room had about 1,000 square feet, a jacuzzi tub, huge shower, two plasma screen TV's (one in the bathroom), and a minibar. It was GREAT! Our view looked out onto the Bellagio water show, so we saw those every night. It was amazing. Our room had a king size bed, a dining table with two chairs, a living area with a sofa, two chairs, and an ottoman. It was very relaxing.

Our first night there, Hubby had a poker tournament with the convention (no money in on his part). He won the whole thing. His prize was $500. He gave me $300 because he knows I've been saving to purchase clothes. I'm graduating in August, and I want a more professional wardrobe to wear to interviews and to work. Isn't he great? Anyway, while he was at the tournament, I went shopping with Miki. We had such a great time. I bought two pair of jeans at Ann Taylor Loft. They look great! One pair fits me now and one is a size smaller. I'm trying to lose weight before I graduate. I will be happy to get into a size 10 or 12. I'm trying to be realistic. I was wanting to get into a 9, but I don't really think that is realistic with my lifestyle. Miki and I went to a place called California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. They had the best chicken avocado eggrolls! We both ended up buying a plate of those to take home for a snack later that night. I really enjoyed my time with her.

We got home yesterday afternoon. Hubby and I are still both extremely tired after our trip. We went to see K today and went shopping with them. I bought a suit at Dillard's. The jacket was $59 and the pants were on sale for $12.25 (I didn't realize that until she called for a price check. They were the last pair left of that style and wouldn't scan - lucky me). The suit was black. I also bought a pair of navy slacks to wear to work for $30. Right now, I have been wearing the same pair of pants every day, but washing them every two days. What a pain. Now I have 3 pair to switch around. The total for those three items after tax was only $110 and a little change.

From there, Hubby and I went looking at shoes and purses. I need to get a brown pair of shoes and a navy pair of shoes (now that I have the navy pants). I bought a black leather purse on sale for $29.99. It's great. My purses have been rather basic and casual. I needed something more professional, up to date, and a little dressy. I love it! From there, we went to K-B toy store because a few weeks ago, K wanted to buy orange cones to build a road and his dad talked him into getting another truck. Hubby and I bought him the cones today. He loved them. He put them all over the living room and then took his badminton racket and started knocking them all over the place. :-)

I found out the iced coffee drink I like at Starbucks today. I like the iced lowfat vanilla latte. Talk about jump starting your day. Hubby and I got two coffees today. We are both so tired. The first one I got was the iced vanilla latte (regular milk) and the second one I got was a non-fat iced caramel latte. The caramel needed a little more fat in the milk to make it a little creamier - that's why I've decided I like the lowfat best. I also liked the vanilla flavored one better than the caramel.

We stopped by to see Scott and Donna today. Donna was at her mom's. Her mom has been given 90 days to live. She has some sort of lung cancer. Donna's dad died two years ago of lung cancer. She's having a hard time with this, understandably. They have done a lot of things around their house. It looks great. They've been working on the yard, done tile work in the kitchen (which is amazing), and changed the fixtures in the kitchen, the guest bath, and the master bath. They've also been working on finishing the bonus room (which was completely unfinished and without a floor when they purchased the home four years ago).

We got a cute Easter card from Bro, Wife, and the kids. I have a gift card I need to send to M (Bro's wife) for her birthday next week. It's from Bath and Body. Every woman loves that stuff, and as a mother of three, I'm sure she doesn't have the time to pamper herself.

Hope you all had a great week. I will try to write more consistently. I've been kind of slacking and stressing recently. This past week away has really helped put me back on track. Write more soon. :-)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Going Back to Vegas!

I am so excited. We are going back to Las Vegas. We are leaving Sunday and will be there until Friday. Hubby has another conference, so the room and his airfare will be paid for by the company. So nice. This time, we are staying at Caesar's Palace - which is where the conference is being held. They have an amazing shopping plaza I'm going to have to check out. Luckily, I have money from previous paychecks I can use to purchase anything, and I have been putting half of my paychecks aside for gambling since we got back from our cruise.

While we are in Vegas, we are going to be meeting Miki. We play with her online in a game called Guild Wars. We seem to get along great online, she will be picking us up at the airport. We're all hoping we get along just as well in real life. Hubby and I are looking forward to meeting her and getting to know her on a real basis.

School has been going strangely this semester. I registered yesterday for my summer courses which will be my last classes. I have a paper and presentation due tomorrow. I have them both completed. I just need to print the paper out along with my handouts for the class. I also need to put my powerpoint slides on my jump drive so I have access to it tomorrow. I am the first presenter, which is good. I want to get it over with. I have a formal long paper that is due on the 25th. This paper is based on the same premise as the paper and presentation tomorrow. I just have to change the format for the teacher. In the same class, I have a group presentation on the 18th. In my MW class, I have a paper due on the 26th. Everything else is just quizes and finals. Not too bad, a little frustrating, but not too bad.

I haven't been to Curves the way I should the last few weeks. I really need to get back into that habit. It will be easier when the summer is here because I will have more time. I can even go 5 days a week. I really want to lose weight before I graduate. My problem is I reach for food as comfort when things go wrong or on days that my depression is acting up - I'm no longer on medication, but I still reach for chocolate. Maybe it would help if I kept fat free or sugar free chocolate items in the house (like weight watchers stuff).

The classes I am taking this summer are "Introduction to Cognitive Psychology", "Beginning Bowling" (only because I have to take a 1-hour elective), "Industrial/Organizational Psychology", and "Business Policy". The first two courses I listed will be taken back to back in session I. The other psychology course will be taken during session II and the Business Policy will be taken during session IV by itself. Business Policy is the last class needed in my major/minor for graduation. All the other classes are electives. I love having those left to play with during my last semester. I will be graduating 3 years and 3 months from the date I started college. I am so excited. I will be graduating exactly 19 years, 1 month from my high school graduation date.