Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Week in Review

Thursday night - the 17th - I found out that we were definitely going to have guests in our home, a married couple (Trey and Candace), their little baby girl (Reagan), and a single guy (Scott). I had a major panic attack and cried.

Friday - I had to go to work, but I asked for half the day off so I could get the house in order for our guests. I had another panic attack and bitched about the guests to the people at work. They could NOT believe that H did that to me. Neither could I. Thankfully, I was able to get everything done before they got here.

Saturday - pool party at a friend's house. We took one of the guests that were staying with us while the family of three met with family members that came to town to meet them. They were leaving Sunday afternoon to go back home.

Sunday - went to the dam to fish, swim, and just hang out. We went to Dave and Buster's for dinner and went to see Batman - The Dark Knight at IMAX at 10:00 that night. Awesome movie!!! I will have to see this movie again.

Monday - went to the lake. Spent the day sunning, fishing, and just hanging out. The whole group (those staying at our house as well as 8 others) came to our house to play Rock Band, drinking, and Kabooki.

Tuesday - went to the Nashville Zoo; to the in-laws restaurant for lunch; then back to Dave and Buster's. While the guys played games, Candace and I took Reagan around the mall.

Wednesday - went to Mammoth Caves. Massive climbing up and down in slippery terrain. On the way home, we stopped at a hole in the wall place in the area and had a great dinner.

Thursday - we went to the Belle meade Plantation and had lunch at the Loveless Cafe. The group came back over to our house for more Rockband and drinking.

Friday - we chilled for the majority of this day. We took Trey, Candace and Scott to a local burger joint and met another friend there. Trey, Candace, and Reagan had dinner that night with family. H and Scott went to one of the group's house for a cookout and movies. I stayed home, relaxed, did a little cleaning, and caught up on some of my TV shows from the week.

Today - we went out to breakfast and the group has left. We are worn out and tired.

I am looking forward to getting everything back on track next week. I am also going to get back into making healthier choices the majority of the time. I kind of let that fall by the wayside a bit this past week.

Until later...


Nevis said...

Hope you're having fun...but the light at the end of the tunnel is the quiet after they're all gone....

tysgirl said...

Holy crap, you've got to be tired! FYI, I would strangle my husband if he invited people to stay at our house on my week off. You're a better woman than me. But then again, my husband would never pull such a stunt. At least you've done some fun things.